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Before starting the game, you will need some skill and care. The Chameleon is armed with a powerful mechanical hammer, which he can use to both create havoc and repel attacks. Your task is not just to kill enemies, but to collect the necessary items to complete the storyline and free the kidnapped.
There are five heroes in Hammer Fall, each with their own set of abilities. You need to constantly learn, which will allow you to develop skills and abilities. The main character is a man named Mentor. He travels the galaxy, collecting items that are needed to level up.
In Hammer Fall, there is a certain parallel with the reality in which the catastrophe occurred, which caused the death of mankind. You need to overcome various obstacles using various types of weapons. Some of them make you a hero, others slow you down, while others throw enemies at you like cobblestones. For each successfully completed location, you get a small amount of experience.If you break all the windows from the first minutes of the game and completely clear the city, you will earn some money in your wallet.
Management in Hammer Elite Battle is carried out using the keyboard and mouse. During the game, you can use stabbing, cutting and explosive attacks. Chameleon weapons have their own type of damage taken into account by the system. It becomes clear that in the game Hammel Falls the system is complex and not designed for people who do not know English at all. You will hear not only English phrases, but also Russian.
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